Barry's Story

Barry Chang currently serves as the Mayor of the City of Cupertino, where he has a record of keeping promises and accomplishing goals. Having served eight years on the Cupertino School Board, Barry is the only candidate who has helped manage a world-renowned school district. With an open and independent mind, Barry listens to his constituents. His experience, leadership, and vision make him the best candidate for State Assembly District 24.


Like many parents, Barry and his wife, Sue, wanted their children to have a good public education, so they decided to move to Cupertino in 1985.  They enrolled their eldest daughter in Sunnymont Preschool and actively participated in their daughter’s classroom.  Eager to be good parents, Sue and Barry also attended parenting classes at De Anza College. 

When their children entered kindergarten, Sue and Barry continued to volunteer in the classroom and at school functions.  They joined Lincoln Elementary School’s Parents Teachers Association (PTA) and helped raise funds for the school.  One of the few PTA Dads, Barry was in charge of Taco Night, which later evolved into the popular Multi-Cultural Night.  People asked Barry to run for Lincoln School Site Council, so he did and was elected.  While he was on the school site council, he helped to establish the Lincoln Education Endowment Fund for ongoing fundraising efforts for the school.

At the urging of his friends in 1995, Barry ran for and won a seat on the Cupertino Union School District (CUSD) Board of Trustees.  Later, he won his re-election bid in 1999—receiving the highest number of votes in that race.  During his eight years on the School Board, Barry made a conscious effort to visit every classroom in the district at least two times a year.  He also made sure there was a healthy reserve in the district’s budget, and fought hard to retain surplus school sites.  By doing so, the district was later able to re-open some of those sites and alleviate school overcrowding.  Barry also emphasized that funding should be spent on students, not the administrator.  Additionally, he initiated and established the popular Cupertino Language Immersion Program (CLIP).  As one of the lowest funded districts in the state, CUSD has a strong track record of superb student academic performance in California.


After being on the CUSD Board, Barry was appointed as a Cupertino Public Safety Commissioner and served four years.  In 2009, Barry ran for Cupertino City Council.  He was elected with the second highest number of votes.  Barry has a track record of keeping his campaign promises.  He evaluates the issues with an open and independent mind. He casts his votes based on what is economically sound first.

While many cities have been experiencing financial difficulty in the last few years, Cupertino is doing well with a healthy reserve in its budget.  Recently, Barry played a key role in approving Apple’s Campus 2 Project.  Barry’s leadership skills in these negotiations helped generate more money for the city while keeping Apple in Cupertino.  It is a win-win solution for Cupertino and Apple.

Barry wants to apply his leadership skills to create more jobs for our state, relieve traffic congestion in the region, improve public education, protect the environment, safeguard public health and safety, and hold the government accountable for its fiscal responsibilities.  These are the reasons that Barry is running for State Assembly.  He is the most qualified candidate.  Please vote for him on June 7, 2016.  He gets the job done right! 

Barry's Experience

With forty two years of experience working in different fields, Barry Chang is the most qualified candidate for State Assembly.

After graduating from Taipei Institute of Technology in 1972, Barry Chang served two years as a second lieutenant in combat engineering in the Army in Taiwan.  Barry helped build military underground bunkers, garrisons, and roads.

After finishing his service in the Army, Barry was immediately hired to work on constructing the first freeway in Taiwan.  He helped build bridges and roadways with heavy construction equipment for two years until he was hit by a truck on the job site.  Barry was seriously injured and hospitalized for more than two months.  After his recovery, Barry was assigned to help build an oil refinery plant.   After working almost a year building the oil refinery plant, Barry decided to come to the United States for advanced study.  He was admitted to the University of Cincinnati with a scholarship in 1977.


In 1978, Barry received his Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Cincinnati and found a job in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  There, he helped design nuclear power plants across the country.  

Subsequently, EDS Nuclear, Inc. in San Francisco presented Barry with a very attractive job offer in 1979.  Barry took the offer and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he continued to work on nuclear power plant design.  In 1985, the company wanted to transfer Barry to a job site in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania. If Barry had taken the offer, he would only have been able to come home once a month.  Preferring to stay close to home to be with his wife and two daughters (one aged 3 years and the other a 10 month-old infant), Barry decided to quit his job in order to stay in California.

In the search for a new job in the San Francisco Bay Area, Barry decided to try out a career in real estate sales.  With little knowledge or training in sales, Barry found himself struggling to make a living in real estate sales for the first few years.  However, through perseverance, hard work and training, Barry achieved success, and was the Cupertino office’s number one salesperson in 1988. Since 2004, Barry and his wife, Sue, have owned and operated their small business company, Better Home & Loan, in Cupertino, California.

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