Candidate Statement

Elect Barry Chang for California State Assembly

He gets the job done right.

Barry Chang currently serves as the Mayor of Cupertino. He has a trusted record of keeping promises and accomplishing goals.

As a member of the California State Assembly, Barry’s priorities will be to:

• Conserve water and natural resources

• Protect the environment and public health and safety

• Relieve regional traffic congestion

• Create and retain jobs

• Further excellence in education

He has devoted much time and effort toward these causes.

Barry has shown foresight regarding the current water crisis.  Serving as an advisory board member on Santa Clara Water District, Barry has urged the water district to increase  water conservation efforts and recycling capacity before the current severe drought. 

Barry  has fought hard to achieve a 90% reduction of mercury emissions at Lehigh.  The largest mercury polluter in Assembly District 24, Lehigh Southwest Cement Plant, operated by the Heidelberg Cement Group of Germany, must comply with U.S. laws and stop polluting the air, the water and the environment. Barry has been working tirelessly to protect residents from this large cement manufacturing company that puts corporate profits above peoples' health.  As the chairperson of BACE (Bay Area for Clean Environment, a non-profit, grass roots environmental group), Barry has been a champion for protecting the environment, public health and safety.  The work is not done yet.  We need Barry’s fearless fighting spirit.

Barry is a strong advocate for self-sufficient public transit.  As the high tech center of the world, Silicon Valley deserves a world-class public rapid transit system. The current Valley Transportation Authority operations and plans need improvement.  The VTA has to stop wasting taxpayers’ money with ineffective short-term projects that hinder effective long-term solutions. The Highway 85 toll lane expansion project and the El Camino Real Bus Rapid Transit project offer no improvement to congestion,instead, will create more traffic congestion in the long run.

Barry is an effective champion for the residents.  His diligent negotiations with Apple resulted in the approval of the company’s $5 billion Campus 2 Project, which is producing numerous local construction jobs and will assure the retention of more than 12,000 high-tech R&D jobs.

Barry has helped manage a world-renowned school district. Having served eight years on the Cupertino School Board, he led the efforts to successfully launch the very popular Cupertino Language Immersion Program, and stopped the sale of so called “surplus school sites”, which alleviated school overcrowding, and kept Cupertino School’s performance among the highest in the state.

A devoted family man, Barry has been married to Sue for thirty five years. Together, they have raised three successful children who attended public schools. Their older daughter, Aileen, is an optometrist in Kauai. Their second daughter, Alice, is an attorney practicing law in Silicon Valley.  Their youngest son, Howard, is working for a high tech company in Silicon Valley.

With an open and independent mind, Barry listens to his constituents. His experience, leadership, and vision make him the best candidate for State Assembly District 24.