2016 Cupertino State of the City Address

Cupertino Mayor Barry Chang's 2016 State of the City Address held on January 27, 2016.

Part 1/10 - Introduction by Rotary President Mike Rohde and opening remarks by Mayor Barry Chang


Part 2/10 - About Mayor Chang - his poetry and his snow sport interests.  Poetry readings by past Cupertino Poet Laureates Jennifer Swanton Brown and Dave Denny


Part 3/10 - Financial state of the City.  Priorities on fiscal responsibility.  Updates on Apple 2 campus


Part 4/10 - Climate change and impact on future generations.  Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan video clip.


Part 5/10 - Traffic challenges facing Cupertino.  Student winners from Solve the Streets video contest.  Need for VTA paradigm change.  Free shuttle buses.  Priority on safe paths for bikes and pedestrians.  Silicon Valley Transportation vision video


Part 6/10 - Lehigh Southwest Cement.  History of regulation violations.  Call for Lehigh to be shutdown if it is unwilling or unable to comply with regulations.


Part 7/10 - Diversity progress and challenges in Cupertino


Part 8/10 - Time limit on council meetings to improve public participation


Part 9/10 - Robert Frost poetry reading by Poet Laureate Amanda Williamsen


Part 10/10 - Closing remarks and end credits

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