QMC Winning the Champion in China Seafarers Skill Contest-Qingdao Ocean Shipping Mariners College


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                QMC Winning the Champion in China Seafarers Skill Contest
                2016-07-18 19:12   审核人:


                The 2ndChina Seafarers Skill Contest was held 24thin      Zhoushan     ,      Zhejiang     Province. 500 contestants of 50 teams from the shipping companies and maritime institutions all over the country took part in the contest.

                The participants are selected from 18 central and local shipping companies, including COSCO and 32 maritime universities and vocational colleges, including      Dalian          Maritime          University     . They conducted competition of 9 items of Bridge Resource Management, Passage Planning, Refloating of Dead Ships, Trouble Removing of Dynamic Pipe System, Seafarers Triathlon, Boat Maneuvering, Line Heaving, Metal Work and Knowledge Contest.

                After 5 days of heated competition, QMC team won the champion of the institution group.

                China Seafarers Skill Contest is organized by China MSA and the National Committee of Chinese Seaman Construction Union. It is held once every two years.

                  29thof the month witnessed their return in triumph. Mr. Ma Gui-chuan,Party Secretary and President of the college, Mr. Shi Qing-he, Vice Party Secretary, Mr. Lin Yi, Vice President, the leaders of the relevant department and studentsrepresentatives went to the railway station and held a welcome party.Mr. Ma Gui-chuan expressed his warmest congratulations on the honors they have won on behalf of the whole college and gave his heartfelt thanks for the efforts of the team members and coaches. He wished that, they will continue carry forward the spirit of solidarity and cooperation, striving and endeavoring to make contributions for the development of the college.

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