As the Mayor of Cupertino, I am proud of my work.  I worked with residents to take on the largest corporate polluter in our community – Lehigh Cement Plant. Lehigh was recently fined several million dollars by the EPA. Because of my work, Lehigh reduced its mercury pollution by 90% and was forced to install a monitoring smoke stack.

I diligently negotiated with Apple for the approval of the Apple Campus 2 Project, which yielded an extra $40 million, a 30% increase in sales taxes, and more jobs here.

Working with the City Council, I helped to pass the Community Choice Energy Program, which will substantially curb harmful emissions.

I am working with VTA and Apple to solve traffic congestion.

Today I am the subject of a recall.  A small group is unhappy with a decision that the majority of the City Council made to inform you that their proposed initiative could increase the maximum residential building height to 45 feet.  As Mayor, I am obliged to let you know the truth.  I urge you to gather the facts – email me at or visit: to learn more.  Thank you.


Barry Chang, Mayor

City of Cupertino

10300 Torre Ave.,

Cupertino, CA 95014

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commented 2017-04-08 13:44:45 -0700
Do you have a conflict of interest using Cupertino resources and paying a woman “consultant” whom you know for the G-50 Summit? The non-profit is just for accounting to deviate from the high pay for the “consultant” whom you have also elected into Cupertino’s commission despite not being a Cupertino resident?