Vote Pledge

As a member of the Cupertino City Council who running for re-election now, I have a record of keeping promises and accomplishing goals and I always stand with the residents of Cupertino to made their voice been heard.  I am also the only one candidate who had experience in serving for CUSD School Board for 8 years.  Also, I am the only candidate amongst all who has been recognized and endorsed by non profit organization, Sierra Club (, because of my effort in protecting environment and public health.
If I have get re-elected in this race, my priorities would be to:
  • Improve regional traffic congestion;
  • Protect the environment, public health & safety;
  • Create and retain jobs;
  • Further excellence in education;
  • Promote fiscal responsibility.
We really need every single supporter like you to cast a ballot for me, Barry Chang.  I am the number 7 candidate on your ballot. Can we count on you to vote?

27 votes

Yes I support Barry.
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No I do not support Barry.